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    Colonial Ghost 


    殖民的幽靈 - 檳城I,2019
    Colonial Ghost - Penang I, 2019



    I started photographing the Western-style buildings on the island of Kinmen in 2012. This architectural style is a product of Southeast Asian immigration, colonization and cultural hybridization. After the chaos of war and the martial law period, these Western-style buildings are now deserted. Recently, I followed the immigration route of past Kinmen residents and visited one of the immigration destinations—Penang in Malaysia, to look for the prototype of Kinmen’s Western-style buildings.

    Penang used to be a British colony and the empire’s earliest colonized harbor of free trade in the Far East. From the local Western-style buildings, one can observe how the British architectural elements have changed with the utterly different land and climate, epitomizing the colonial influences of the British culture that shaped, altered and integrated with the Malaysian culture. The immigrants from Kinmen that settled in the Southeast Asia later brought back and mixed the architectural styles to create the unique Western-style buildings in Kinmen. However, whether in Kinmen or in Penang, these Western-style buildings could not avoid a shared fate of falling into oblivion and dilapidation; today, these Western-style buildings have a ghostly presence in tropical melancholy.

    殖民的幽靈 - 時中分校,檳城,2019
    Colonial Ghost - Shih Chung Branch School, Penang, 2019

    殖民的幽靈 - 檳城II,2019
    Colonial Ghost - Penang II, 2019