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    The vanishing Portraits  -  Germany

    2007 - 2014 

    消逝的肖像 - 對倒 I
    The vanishing Portraits - Tête-bêche I

    消逝的肖像 - 對倒 II
    The vanishing Portraits - Tête-bêche II

    透過這樣的創作過程使消逝空間的意義被提升、價值被轉化。這個城市裡原本棄置無用的空乏之處 ,再度轉換為一個召喚回憶、 潛意識和歷史記憶的入口。重新開啟廢棄空間與城市、歷史對話的可能性,在其衰敗荒蕪之中找尋另一層意義的再生。

    Halle/Salle, Weißenfels, Berlin:

    What interests me is how spatial transformation affects human psychology. By shooting abandoned, uninhabited buildings in different cities, historical and cultural contexts, I connect the collapsing architectural spaces and people's emotional memories. This photograph series is a huge collage of images on the same object shooting from different perspectives and time slots. It becomes a space with compressed time and aesthetics of monumental style.
    Through this creation process, the meanings of vanished spaces are elevated, and their values are transformed. These originally abandoned and useless spaces in the city were converted into a port recalling remembrances, the subconscious and historical memories. This reopens the possibility of conversation between the abandoned space, city, and history. Therefore the reborn of another layer of meaning could be found among the decays.

    Halle/Salle, Weißenfels, Berlin:
    After the reunification of Germany in 1990, large numbers of abandoned, uninhabited houses due to the war and division are visible everywhere in East Germany. However, as time goes by, these architectures witnessing history eventually will be demolished or rebuild, and then forgotten by the city.

    消逝的肖像,Halle II  /  Halle VIII / Halle VII /  Halle XI / Halle IV /  Halle III,2010 - 2013
    The vanishing Portraits,  Halle II  / Halle VIII / Halle VII / Halle XI / Halle IV / Halle III,2010 - 2013

    消逝的肖像,柏林I & II,德國,2014
    The vanishing Portraits, Berlin I & II, Germany, 2014

    消逝的肖像,Felsen Street, Halle (Saale) , 2007 - 2008
    The vanishing Portraits, Felsen Street, Halle (Saale) , 2007 - 2008

    消逝中的城市,Kruckenberg Street 10a-14a, Halle, Germany,2010
    The vanishing City, Krukenberg Street 10a-14a, Halle, Germany, 2010

    The vanishing City, Weißenfels, Germany, 2013