Detention of the Trauma
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    Detention of the Trauma


      (Non) Existent Past, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan, 2021


      創傷的延遲,Artist’s Book,2022
      Detention of the Trauma, Artist’s Book, 2022

      Chimera,Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, 2022

      創傷的延遲 2,  34, 3, 24, 4
      Detention of the Trauma 2,  34, 3, 24, 4

      此攝影系列作品將我至今拍攝過與歷史創傷有關的地景及建築的圖像結合成一個地圖。以認知地圖的理論作為思考的基礎模型,對空間進行編碼和解碼,將踏查中拍攝的圖像重新定位、串連。這個地圖將討論歷史創傷的指認和形變,並將微觀和宏觀、外在與內在的感知系統交疊和連結,在當中建立用來記憶創傷的空間,也藉由此過程來看見創傷如何潛入意識之下影響著世代。 記憶與地景、建築空間緊緊環扣在一起。透過地景和建築空間中所隱藏的痕跡,那些未曾親身參與的、遠去而沈默的創傷歷史,其影響的輻射雖然看似隨著時間緩慢遞減衰退,仍舊無止地穿過時間擾動著我們。

      The photography series was compiled by assorting my images of landscapes and buildings related to historical trauma, which were further compiled into a map. Centered around the cognitive map theory, this work codes and decodes space, repositioning and connecting the images captured throughout my travels. The map explores the identification and transformation of historical trauma, overlapping and bridging the senses of the micro with the macro, the interior with the exterior. By doing so, this work constructs a space that memorizes trauma and inspects how trauma is embedded deep within the consciousness and affects generations.
      Memory, landscape, and architectural space are all intertwined in these works. By Exploring the hidden traces in landscapes and architectural spaces, we realize that the unlived experiences, fading wounds of history, and its seemingly diminishing impacts, all continue to haunt us through space and time.

      創傷的延遲 41, 45, 37, 15, 14
      Detention of the Trauma  41, 45, 37, 15, 14



      創傷的延遲 7, 5, 6, 11, 27
      Detention of the Trauma 7, 5, 6, 11, 27

      Taoyuan International Art Award, Taoyuan, 2023

      Traumatic Landscapes, Cognitive Maps, and Memorial Architecture, NCKU Art Center, 2023