Detention of the Trauma
               Failed Architecture
               Colonial Ghost
               Sunken Memories
               A Catalogue of a Border Island’s Defensives
               Landscaping from History
               The vanishing Portraits  -  Kinmen
               The vanishing Portraits  -  Taiwan
               The vanishing Portraits  -  Turkey
               The vanishing Portraits  -  Germany


    The vanishing Portraits  -  Turkey


    The vanishing Portraits, Karaköy, Istanbul, 2014



    What interests me is how spatial transformation affects human psychology. By shooting abandoned, uninhabited buildings in different cities, historical and cultural contexts, I connect the collapsing architectural spaces and people's emotional memories. This photograph series is a huge collage of images on the same object shooting from different perspectives and time slots. It becomes a space with compressed time and aesthetics of monumental style.

    It is a city located at the junction of Europe and Asia, divided into two by the sea. Experiencing through countless wars and regime changes, the once glorious empire has already fallen. The westernize policies of modern times have changed the city rapidly. Magical scenes happen on the streets: broken houses, ruins and poor lives coexist within prosperous regions. Various cultures and life styles are woven into this majestic city which is complex, conflicting but always vigorous.